- 1936 : Marie-Anne LE MINOR launches her doll workshop.

- 1937 : Marie-Anne LE MINOR presents her dolls on the Brittany booth at the Universal Exhibition in Paris .

- 1940 : temporary cessation of doll production and reconversion to the manufacture of hand-embroidered table linens, folk costumes and priestly clothing.

- 1945 : this year Marie-Anne LE MINOR becomes acquainted with the writer COLETTE, a friendship which will last ten years, until the death of the writer.

- 1947 : edition of two books on embroidery with illustrations entrusted to Mathurin MEHEUT. "Embroidery in Brittany", text by Jean de la Varende, and "Brodeurs, Brodeuses in the Pays Bigouden", text by Auguste DUPOUY.

- 1948 : 1st LE MINOR scarves arrive on the market. The PENMARC'H model after a drawing by Pierre TOULHOAT.

- 1950 : new start with the second generation, Jean and Jacques LE MINOR. Inspired by the advice of Yves Marie CRESTON, from the clothing of 19th century seaweed harvesters, LE MINOR uses felted wool for a new style, that of the "Kabig" .

- 1953 : creation of the first religious procession banner . It was designed by Pierre TOULHOAT and its first release was for Locronan's Grande Troménie.

- 1963 : the largest tapestry ever made at LE MINOR, embroidered by Thérèse Narzul , signed Jean Chauffrey is at the Faculty of Sciences in Brest.

- 1966 : Marie-Anne LE MINOR ceases to manage the family business  but faithfully continues in her role of adviser.

- 1968 : realization of the first tapestry embroidered after a design by Dom ROBERT , artist renowned worldwide for these tapestries made in Aubusson with the technique known as "low smooth". This work with Dom Robert will pave the way to Pont-l'Abbé to other renowned cardboard makers in Aubusson, such as Jean PICART LE DOUX, Simon CHAYE, François LESOURT.

- 1970 : the 70s were the flagship years of LE MINOR. Thanks to the success of the "Kabig", the company then had almost 500 people, compared to 30 in 1937 and 200 in the 1960s.

- 1982 : is the final cessation of the manufacture of dolls and the sale of the clothing branch to the company MBL in Guidel.

- 1987 : the second generation retires, and Gildas LE MINOR now leads to the destinies of the House LE MINOR.

- 1994 : Maison LE MINOR becomes a creative member of the "Creation in Brittany" business club.

- 2000 : realization, according to a drawing by Jean RENAULT, of the banner of TRO BREIZ , famous Breton pilgrimage which links each year one Breton bishopric to another, to thus make the tour of Brittany in 7 years.

- 2005 : "Creation in Brittany" merges with Product in Brittany, a powerful association which brings together 420 companies and 110,000 employees who are committed to the economic and cultural development of Brittany.

- 2007 : 1st prize for the " PRIZE OF CREATION " competition organized by Product in Brittany with the " BRODERIE 29 " project by Gwen Le Gac .

- 2009 : Exhibition in Paris at the Maison de la Bretagne of photos of Jacques BOSSER featuring old hats and LE MINOR banners.

- 2011 : October 20 the mayor of Pont-l'Abbé inaugurates the newly-named M.A. LE MINOR street.

- 2012 : launch of the book LE MINOR with COOP BREIZH editions, text by Armel MORGANT. This book which has no other ambition than to retrace the long and very rich history of a house which marked the history of Brittany.

- 2014 : in July on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the magazine COTE OUEST , the latter featured a beautiful article on the House LE MINOR .

- 2014 : in December, Exhibition organized by the Friends of the Bigouden Museum "DANS LES PAS DE DOM ROBERT". Visitors were able to admire the creations from Dom ROBERT's designs, both in LE MINOR embroidery and Aubusson tapestries.

- 2015 : A Bigouden banner for the Bretons of ROME. Maison LE MINOR has just completed the creation of the banner for the SAINT YVES DES BRETONS church in ROME.

- 2017 : For the third consecutive year, two famous businesses, part of the heritage of the Pays Bigouden, have joined forces to create a unique collection of fêves. Maison LE MINOR and bakery STRUILLOU LE CLEACH have produced fêves with LE MINOR dolls.

- 2018 : delivery of the first banner embroidered by Apolline DUBOSCQ , the most recent hand-embroiderer from Maison LE MINOR. This banner is intended for the Saint FELIX parish of Nantes .

- 2018: in March takeover of Maison LE MINOR by Dr Thierry Morel.






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