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Dom Robert (1907-1997)

Dom Robert  is a pseudonym of Guy de Chaunac-Lanzac
Benedictine monk, tapestry-maker, painter and ceramicist.
Born on the 15 December 1907, at Nieuil-L'Espoir.

Dom Robert studied at the Jesuit College in Poitiers, before going on to the École nationale des arts décoratifs in Paris. He began his career by making cartoons for the Maison des soieries Ducharne in Paris.
His association with Jacques Maritain and Maxime Jacob resulted in his entering the Abbaye d'En-Calcat in 1930, where he also entered the priesthood in 1937. As a result of his meeting with Jean Lurçat in 1941, he created a number of tapestries with the atelier Tabard at Aubussson.
Leaving for Buckfast Abbey in England in 1948, he returned to the abbey of d'En Calcat in 1958, and from that time on his production of works of art was uninterrupted until his death, at the abbey,  in 1997.

On his way to the Abbey of Landevennec, Dom Robert,the artist-monk, met Marie-Anne Le Minor. She was already an admirer of his tapestry-cartoons which were then woven by the Manufacture d'Aubusson.  She asked for his permission to have them embroidered at Pont-l'Abbé, an offer which he politely declined. Marie-Anne dissatisfied with this outcome, decided to ask one of her staff to embroider one of Dom Robert's designs from a postcard.


She sent the artist the completed work. Moved by her determination, and even more by the result which imbued his design which such strength and relief, he finally agreed to allow the Maison LE MINOR to produce embroidered versions of all his cartoons. His embroidered tapestries are still created on-site in our Pont-L'Abbé workshops.

The French government has conferred the legal status of 'works of art' to the embroidered tapestries, and as such they are created in limited editions of eight examples per cartoon.

You will find a sample of a number of our tapestries on the next page of our website, dedicated to them, but we strongly recommend that you come and admire them in person in our workshops in Pont- l'Abbé where, since 1936,  the cartoons have been translated into tapestries by the extraordinary skill of our embroiderers.