Instructions for the first washing:


Detergents are of very diverse compositions, and in certain cases, after the first washing, there may be halo-type spots as a result of the chemical reaction between the detergent and the fabric sizing.


To avoid this problem, proceed as follows BEFORE a first wash:

- Soak the linens in plenty of clear water for at least ten hours.

- Then machine wash, following the manufacturer's instructions, particularly with regard to the quantity of detergent to be used.

These table linens are printed with  “vat” dyes which are the most resistant currently known for printing on fabric.


Subject to observing the first washing instructions, this laundry can withstand many washes without damage using good quality detergents. AVOID powders containing optical white, however.

If the linens need to be washed in hot water, use plenty of water so that they are not packed.

Rinse well and spread out.

A stain can be cleaned with diluted bleach.


Iron while damp.