Christelle Le Déan


Born on the Côte d'Amour, Christelle Le Dean has retained the energy of her birth-place: the winter storms, fiery August sunshine, the taste for 'elsewhere'  and the eclecticism of the architectural phantasies characteristic of the villas built on this coast-line, with their pagodas, Moorish  or 'Gothic' follies, all of which have fed her imaginary world and her romanesque, and timeless, sensibility.

And she always returns to the Atlantic coast, to Brittany, for the Maison Le Minor, for which she designs an embroidered cloth for pea coats, the image of a resplendent local collective memory. Her creative imagination ranges from polychrome tartans to the Bigouden symbols, not forgetting marine fauna and plant phantasmagoria. And always the sea air. In the Landes, for La Chaiserie Landaise, she designs collections in which she questions the 'craft' of furniture-making through the use of precious woods for household  objects. Wherever she is in the world, this designer is at home with the craftsmen and their different skills: in Cairo, where she runs work-shops in the historic Mamelouk quarter, in Göteborg where she is awarded First Prize for a carpet at the Kashtall France competition.

As for Paris, after qualifying from the ENSAD, with three fellow-designers she founds 'Robert le Héros', a textile design agency which in the mid-1990s scoops up prizes and awards. A year after its founding, 'Robert le Héros' is voted Designer of the Year. Her colourful idiom joyously unfurls in her interiors and in magazines. Thirty years later her creations are to be found in museums, in the Piscine de Roubaix for instance, or in the contemporary collection of the MISE in Mulhouse.

Christelle Le Dean, continues her  journey... Photographer, chief editor of 'Recup', a visionary magazine which before the year 2000 is already promoting committed recycling, cultural cross-disciplinarity and hybridisation. Along the way, she is picked out by the Maison Française as one of the fifty most influential designers, she collaborates with Michelin on the redesigning of their celebrated Green Guide, creates colourful narratives for different beauty products for the Shiseido group. A number of galleries have given her carte-blanche, most recently  Nobilis who  has enabled  her to exhibit the ensemble of her textile designs, seats and furniture in Saint-Germain-des-Près.

On the initiative of the VIA, and with Louis design Paris, she designs a furniture collection, freely adapting traditional furniture, for a group of companies of the Grand Ouest. Since 2014, she has been teaching textile design in Mulhouse, at the École des Arts du Rhin:

Christelle Le Dean is a woman  who loves  challenges and boldness, so long as they speak of colour and imagination, design and innovation, journeys and sensations. The horizon is her life-line, and the ocean, the open sea,  the eternal source of her inspiration.